Better Basketball – 1 on 1 Defense

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Become a Defensive Stopper DVD – Key Facts







Chapter 1 – Body Control: The Basics of Stance

In the first chapter of Better 1 on 1 Defense, the most fundamental element of a good defensive player is discussed – the stance. All the basics are covered, but of course Better Basketball takes things to a new level. For example:   Coach Rick Torbett dives into advanced concepts like using your lead hand to prohibit or discourage the offensive player from certain maneuvers. He also explains the rationale and benefits of positioning your head directly over your center of gravity, to ensure proper balance and the ability to explode in any direction.


Chapter 2 – Defensive Footwork: Speed through Efficiency

The video’s second chapter is the longest; and high caliber content fills up every second. Coach explains the five movements that every player must master to become a dominating defender. He also details how each movement is used in real game situations. You must be able to use these movements at any speed, in any direction, and you must be able to change from one to another. If you can cut a player off using the push-slide-step but you can’t take the charge, you have a weakness.

If you can slide step at cheetah speed but you can’t swing step, your quickness can be exploited as a weakness. If you can jump out of the gym but you can’t close out properly, offensive players will drive past you with ease. But with the techniques in this chapter, you can become an offensive player’s nightmare!


Chapter 3 – Defending the Dribbler

The techniques in the video’s third chapter can be applied whether you’re trying to contain a cat-quick point guard in the back court, or you’re defending a player penetrating from the wing or baseline.   There’s a misconception that containing a dribbler is all about speed, but that’s simply not the case.

A perfect defensive strategy can make up for a lack of quickness. With the techniques in this chapter, you’ll learn ways to maximize your foot speed, and limit the dribbler’s options to the point that he’s no longer a threat to drive past you.


Chapter 4 – Defending the Pivot on the Perimeter

Defending a player in triple threat is the essence of 1 on 1 defense because it’s the essence of 1 on 1. When the ball is checked, and a player starts in triple threat, he’s in the ultimate attacking position. So every technique in this chapter is essential to getting the edge when your man is in triple threat.

To effectively stop a player in triple threat, you must continually read his feet, his body position, his stance, and his angle. You need every mental advantage you can get, and Better 1 on 1 Defense will give you the edge all great defensive players possess – knowledge!


Chapter 5 – Defending the Post

As a team, you must successfully defend the interior to win, as most teams score the bulk of their points just a few feet from the hoop. In fact, many teams at basketball’s higher levels run their entire offense through their post players. When double team arrives (which is what they want), great post players pass the ball to open shooters and cutters who are facing the basket, in the ideal position to catch and shoot. Just think Tim Duncan.

So, if you can contain or shut down your man in the post without needing the help of a double team, your value to your team is immeasurable. You can take away, by yourself, the other team’s primary offensive strategy!

And chapter five contains everything you’ll need to know to become a dominant post defender. The chapter is divided into sections like The Foot Battle, When He Gets The Ball, and Confuse the Passer.


Chapter 6 – Defending the Shot

What should you do when your man shoots? Should you jump and try to block the shot? How about trying to distract him? Do you have the quickness to go for the strip as he brings the ball up? What about simply trying to get a hand in his face? Or how about using the bull rush?

The bottom line is that some of these options are effective in making your man miss, and others simply don’t get the job done or can increase the chance of you fouling your opponent. Coach Torbett goes over all of these defensive strategies, and explains which ones work, and which ones don’t.


Chapter 7 – Workout and Drills

We as players spend so much time working on offensive skills – shooting, dribbling, etc. But we all know that defense wins championships, so why on earth don’t we spend time drilling defensive fundamentals as well? For most players, the answer is simply that they don’t know what to do.

Well, in chapter seven, Coach Torbett will change that by giving you workouts and drills that will improve your defense. Some of these workouts and drills focus on the basic defensive movements from this video’s second chapter. Others emphasize improving the type of foot speed and lateral quickness needed on the defensive end of the floor. And still others will drill your ability to react to the most common moves great offensive players rely upon.


Chapter 8 – Game Hints

The game hints chapters on the Better Basketball videos have grown increasingly popular; as players discover rare new secrets that can be easily applied to their own skill set. This video’s edition of game hints contains 10 items that you can immediately implement into your game and use for real improvement!

The topics covered include an unorthodox way to distract a jump shooter, a method to improve your defensive quickness in the 4th quarter, the keys to stopping the crossover, a section on stopping the spin, and even a unique section on defensive faking!