Better Basketball – 1 on 1 Offense

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Better 1 on 1 Offense details all the tools any player needs to build a perimeter scoring repertoire. This includes the basics from triple threat, a chapter on maximizing your quickness potential, working the ball screen, and learning to read and react to the defender whether you’re working from a pivot, off the dribble, pressured tightly, or finishing at the goal.


Better 1 on 1 Offense lays all the groundwork for any young player, and then contains unmatched detail and groundbreaking techniques for the advanced player.

With fun graphics, footage from international professional basketball, cutting edge filmmaking, and demonstrations of the basketball moves by dozens of players, this video will not only improve your game, it’s fun to watch.


Like all the Better Basketball videos, Better 1 on 1 Offense, aka Scoring from the Perimeter, was written, filmed, and edited with the sole goal of helping players who have a true desire to do whatever is necessary to take their game to the next level.






Chapter 1 – Tripple Attack Tools  

Better 1 on 1 Offense starts with all the basics to ensure that even inexperienced players can build a solid foundation. For scoring from the perimeter, a player’s foundation revolves around the Triple Attack Position (a.k.a. triple threat). This stance is the key building block for any player’s scoring repertoire. You must be able to quickly read the defense and then instinctively react with the best move.

In chapter 1, Coach Rick Torbett first explains the only two ways to get into triple attack. He then addresses whether a player should always use the same pivot foot or be able to use either foot. Then you’ll learn different fakes and moves out of Triple Attack. And as is always the case with a Better Basketball DVD, you’re not just going to learn the what, but also the where, the how, and the why.


Chapter 2 – First Step Explosion

In this groundbreaking chapter, Better Basketball spends over 13 minutes just on maximizing your quickness potential in your first two steps. Let’s be clear: the chapter is not about making your muscles stronger. It’s about making sure you avoid the movements that use your weakest muscles, and instead use the precise movements that allow you to utilize your most explosive, quickest muscles!

At all levels of basketball we see players who aren’t that physically quick, but get by their defender in game situations. And the reason is often that they have perfect biomechanics. And proper biomechanics aren’t just about your feet! Did you realize that even the right ball movement can make you quicker? Just like a runner using their arms when they sprint, a basketball player can use the ball to speed up their initial explosion going to the basket! Better 1 on 1 Offense will show you how.


Chapter 3 – Defending the Dribbler

Basketball is fast paced and exciting. The high intensity and speed is one of the reasons the sport has become so popular throughout the world.

Because of the intense speed of the game, a player doesn’t have time to catch the ball, look around, and figure out what to do. The reason is that by the time he does, the help defense and your defender have set up and are ready to stop you! So your best opportunity to score is to quickly read and then instinctively react to the defense. Chapter 3 teaches these reads and reactions.

If the defender is in your shot pocket, should you drive? What direction? If the defender sags, daring you to shoot, what should you do? Or what if he has found a middle distance? Also, what part of his body should you be reading? Coach Torbett will take you through every scenario, giving you the confidence to score on any defender in any 1 on 1 situation.


Chapter 4 – Beating the Defensive Pressure

What do you do when a defender gets up in your grill, and pressures you with extreme body-to-body pressure? He’s frustrating you, taking you out of your rhythm and ability to square up to the goal. For some players, their best basketball moves simply won’t work in this situation. So most players just pass, or dribble backwards, or even worse back up on their heels and lose their ability to attack. The result is often a turnover. And this is exactly what the defense wants.

But, as Coach Torbett says, you must not show fear. “You must meet pressure with aggression.” If the defense plays you this tight, you must make him pay by driving past him, straight to the goal. The question is, how do you do it? How do you drive past a defender who won’t even allow you to get into the Triple Attack Position? That’s what chapter four is all about!


Chapter 5 – The Midrange

The midrange pull-up jumper is a lost art. But why? It’s perhaps the toughest shot to stop in all of basketball, yet most players today limit themselves to a three pointer or finishing around the basket. If that’s your game, you don’t have a full repertoire of basketball moves. But by applying the reads and progressions in this chapter, you can add the pull-up jumper to your scoring repertoire. In fact, the pull-up jumper is a favorite weapon of Sue, Chauncey, and Rick Barry, and they all address it in their bonus sections on this DVD.

Coach Torbett addresses a plethora of techniques and moves regarding the midrange. This includes utilizing the open step and cross step into the pull-up, using a 1-2 or using a hop, making your pull-up as quick as possible, and developing the step back, side hop, and eventually the hop back.


Chapter 6 – Finishing

The first four chapters of the video break down how to beat your man. Then, chapter 5 dealt with shooting in the midrange. Now, in chapter 6, you’ve driven past your defender and you’ll learn to deal with help defenders, when you’re finishing near the goal. There has unfortunately been very little teaching done on this area of the game, making this a unique and groundbreaking chapter of Better 1 on 1 Offense. The fact is, you can improve your ability to finish, just like every other area of the game!

Even though there are an infinite number of situations that can arise as you encounter help defense near the goal, you will learn the four primary finishing situations. Coach Torbett will also break down four ways to avoid being stripped, and five methods of handling a shot blocker!


Chapter 7 – Workout and Drills

Chapter 7 addresses attacking with the dribble in real game situations. Coach Torbett breaks down these basketball dribble moves and basketball situations in the same mold as the rest of the video, examining reads and reactions, along with counters if the defense is able to play your first move perfectly.

What should you do if you receive a pass outside of your shooting range with a defender off you? Should you attack him or wait for him to come to you? Learn the six scoring options you have when you have room to face the D. Also, learn how a body fake can make the defender react without you giving anything up, so that you can read him and react with a jump shot or a drive to the basket. And what if the defender pressures you tightly while you’re dribbling, leaving you with no space to face him? Learn five different basketball moves out of a power dribble.


Chapter 8 – The Ball Screen

Chapter 8 teaches you how to utilize the pick and roll whether you’re attacking from triple threat or off of the dribble. The chapter begins with the four principles you must apply to run an effective ball screen. And then the second half of the chapter details all of the primary ways defenders can play the ball screen, and how you should react to their various defensive decisions.

Now keep in mind, this video is about attacking WITH the ball. So this chapter deals with the techniques, reads, reactions, and mindset of only the ball handler. But what if you’re the one setting the screen? Well that’s Better Basketball’s 7th video, on playing WITHOUT the ball, available now!