Better Basketball – Ball Handling

 ( 50 Menit)






If you are familiar with my previous videos, you know that they tend to follow a specific formula. I organize every subject into a teaching progression – this means that the complexity of the skills and information build from the earliest chapters where I assume you know nothing about the subject to the final chapters where we discuss the highest level that subject demands. I make sure to not only clearly explain “what” to do and “how” to do it, I also take pains to explain the “why” behind it. Because of this, you can hop in at your own level and start getting better immediately.


This Ball Handling video is different, though. The progression is still there, but it is a work-out progression rather than a teaching progression. Unlike the skills of Shooting or 1-on-1 Offense, Ball Handling is much less a subject of form and sequence and much more a skill of repetition and drills. Your body learns how to dribble not by intellectually understanding the skill, but by doing it over and over and over.


That’s why this video has almost 200 drills and 30 workouts – because training is the most important aspect to increasing your ability to handle the ball effectively.

Now, let’s get started with the fun stuff! Lucky for you, dribbling is learned by doing! The more you can dribble the ball in a high variety of ways, the better your handles will be. And the more fun we can make this extremely important skill…well, more fun and more variety means more reps – and more reps make for a great ballhandler! Good luck and enjoy!