Better Basketball – Better Passing

 ( 68 Menit)





§  Breaks down 42 game situations.

§  Learn how to read your teammates, the defense, and choose the right pass to make.

§  Contains 13 game hints and passing principles.

§  Better Passing is 68 minutes in length.

§  Describes in detail 22 types of passes.

§  Details 16 fun and effective passing drills.

§  Mike Bibby demonstrates techniques throughout the video and adds his insights in the video’s final chapte








Chapter 1 – The Mechanics of All Passes

In Better Passing’s first chapter, Coach Torbett runs through each of the 22 types of passes that are used throughout the video, as Mike demonstrates each one. The chapter is divided into 3 sections – (1) one hand passes, (2) two hand passes, and (3) touch passes off the dribble.

Better Basketball has earned a reputation for packing our videos with unique content, not boring information that you can find anywhere. And that’s why we spent only a few minutes on this chapter. However, there is still plenty of good technique in the chapter, particularly because some of the passes, such as the two listed to the right, are used commonly only by basketball’s most creative players.


Chapter 2 – Perimeter to Perimeter Passing

Chapters 2 through 7 contain the meat of the video – 42 GAME SITUATIONS!

Chapter two deals with passes that are made from a perimeter player to a perimeter player, such as the scoring opportunities that can arise out of a pick and roll (screener flares, screener rolls, etc), backdoor passes, swinging the ball around the perimeter to an open shooter, passes to players v-cutting to get open, and the always difficult skip pass.

Whether you’re being guarded tightly or wide open, Better Passing will teach you everything you need to know to read the situation and execute the perfect pass. We even go into detail on ensure that the man guarding you doesn’t deflect the pass.


Chapter 3 – Passes from Penetration

The video’s third chapter discusses perhaps the most important element to becoming a great creator and assist man – passing off penetration.

When you drive and beat your man, other defenders are going to leave their man and help. The key is to read the rotation of all five defenders, not just the primary helper. Then you must find the one teammate that the defense’s rotation left open. He may be in the post, on the wing, or completely across court.

Better Passing addresses all of these issues, and much more. There’s even some great thoughts from Mike Bibby on keys to drawing defenders and making them think you’re going to shoot, so that your teammates are ignored and left free to catch and score.


Chapter 4 – Feeding the Post

Feeding the post is an art form. When a big man gets open, it’s usually just a moment before he loses his seal. You have to execute the perfect pass quickly and accurately. If you don’t, all the sealing, footwork, and battling by your post player will go for naught. But if you do execute the right pass, your assists will pile up, and your teammates in the post will love you!

Coach Torbett explains the keys to feeding the post whether the defender is playing behind, dead fronting, or half fronting. He even goes into some advice for the post player who is receiving the pass! In addition, Bibby really came up big with some terrific pointers on feeding the post!


Chapter 5 – Passing from the Post

Passing from the post is one of the most under appreciated and overlooked methods of scoring in basketball. It’s incredibly difficult to stop these passes because the defense is usually facing either the ball or their man, but not both. So with a little deception (discussed in detail by Mike Bibby) you can stockpile some assists even when playing inside!

Coach Torbett and Mike break down six game situations on feeding the post, such as hitting your teammate on the wing out of a double team, passing out of the mid-post when you’ve been pushed off the block and have to pivot and face the defense, feeding the standard backdoor cut, and even feeding a backdoor cut with a delayed reverse-drop-bounce!


Chapter 6 – Passing in Transition

Passing in transition, aka full court passing, will help point guards, centers, and everyone in between.

The chapter features some relatively unknown passes (such as the discus pass and bowling pass) that aren’t usually taught, but the best and most creative players use them somewhat frequently. Once you master when and how to use these passes, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them!

This unique chapter also includes passes to break a press, dribble pitches for guards looking to quickly advance the ball up the court, the baseball and bowling pass for players taking the ball out of bounds, and even two situations on outlet passes.



Chapter 7 – Fast Break Passing

Perhaps the most exciting passes in basketball come off the fast break, and Better Passing contains some great techniques to help you capitalize on these situations.

In addition, Mike had some phenomenal theories, passes, and techniques to make sure every fast break results in points. He’s known for his quick thinking and sound fundamentals, and those qualities certainly came out in this chapter.


Chapter 8 – Passing Principles and Game Hints

Once again, Better Basketball comes up with a great edition of Game Hints. These chapters have become increasingly popular among players that use our videos, mainly because the information is easy to apply and almost always rare and unique. No doubt, the hints and principles Coach Torbett and Mike Bibby provide in Better Passing’s Game Hints will meet or exceed the standard set by our first three videos!

Included in the thirteen principles are sections on the no-look, the European 3, the alley-oop, the touch pass, trailers, and eight more!



Chapter 9 – Passing Drills

This fun chapter features 16 drills. Passing is almost entirely mental – it’s about reading the situation. So it’s hard to drill yourself on the court like you can with shooting or dribbling. But these drills give you a real way to work on your passing besides watching this DVD. In fact, you can even do these drills by yourself against a wall.

Each of the drills in this chapter will help: passing accuracy, coordination, catching, reflexes, ball control, and strength.



Chapter 10 – Bibby on Basketball

This unique chapter goes deep inside the head of one of basketball’s brightest minds.

While Better Passing’s first 9 chapters deal entirely with passing, Bibby on Basketball gives you a chance to learn from Mike on all kinds of subjects, including Mike’s:

§  favorite move off the dribble

§  favorite move out of triple threat

§  the easiest way to advance the ball down the court against a tough defender

§  mentally preparing for a game

§  favorite shooting drills and shooting workouts

§  dealing with a cold streak

§  off season training

§  and much more!