Training in the Triple Threat - II

(39 Menit)






Training in the Triple Threat – II is based on offensive work that teaches players to separate from the defense at the start and end of the move. A main skill is to deceive the defense by changing speeds on the cut to gain separation for the catch. Baker teaches the long jab, short to quick, sweep & move and the rocker step skills, as well as the unique “separation on the finish” skill for ending a move with scoring options.


Other skill series based on successful NBA player skills that Baker works on include establishing the inside foot (the Paul Pierce series), ways to score at the end of the move (the Dwayne Wade series), separating from the wing (the Chauncy Billips series) and stutter freezes/double crossover moves (the Allen Iverson series). This is an excellent complement to Ganon Baker’s first Triple Threat Series and introduces brand new concepts for offensive basketball.