Magic Fundamentals - Advanced, Part 1

(88 Menit)



DVD Release Date: June 1, 2006



For those of you who need to take your game to the next level, the Magic Fundamentals Advanced video program is designed to develop not only the skills but also the insight into the game that is needed to play at the highest levels of high school and college ball.

The greatest team of instructors ever assembled will demonstrate the finer points to becoming a better scorer, passer, defender and all-around "smarter" basketball player. These DVDs are an absolute must for those players who feel comfortable with their basic skills, but are looking for that edge to BEAT the competition.

Daftar Isi :

02:04  Advanced Offense

02:13  One on One with Magic and McKnight

08:43  Dribbling Drills

09:20  Right Handed Speed Dribble

11:48  Cross-Over Dribble

12:41  Step Back Cross-Over Dribble

14:30  In And Out Dribble

15:24  In And Out Cross-Over Dribble

18:22  Studder Step Spin Move

19:27  Behind The Back Dribble

20:04  Between The Legs Dribble

22:19  Straight Line Behind The Back Dribble

27:16  FootWork

28:43  Step Into Passing Drill

29:43  Catch & Shoot

31:13  Catch And Drive To Basket

32:03  Sideline To Sideline Catch & Shoot

35:02  Reading Screens

36:34  Flare To Corner

40:00  Backdoor Cut

41:51  Curl Cut

45:02  Cut To Opposite Side

47:15  Flare To Wing

47:56  Pick And Roll

52:38  Post Moves

54:18  Mikan Drill

56:21  2 Ball Mikan Drill

68:12  Power Game Offense

69:49  Power Offense vs. Zone

73:51  Power Offense vs. Man To Man

77:14  Overload Play

78:18  Stack The Post

79:17  Dribble Fill

79:49  Dribble Fill With Shallow Cut

80:53  One On One With Kenny And Kareem