Magic Fundamentals - Advanced, Part 2

(72 Menit)


DVD Release Date: June 1, 2006



For those of you who need to take your game to the next level, the Magic Fundamentals Advanced video program is designed to develop not only the skills but also the insight into the game that is needed to play at the highest levels of high school and college ball.

The greatest team of instructors ever assembled will demonstrate the finer points to becoming a better scorer, passer, defender and all-around "smarter" basketball player. These DVDs are an absolute must for those players who feel comfortable with their basic skills, but are looking for that edge to BEAT the competition.


01:07 Advanced Defense

01:51 Defensive Stance

07:47 Defensive Movement

10:22 Defensive Positioning

11:22 Defensive Slide

16:11 Denial Drill

19:17 Close Out

22:08 Help Side Defense Drills

23:05 Help Side Drill

25:07 3 On 3 Help Side Drill

29:48 Help Side vs. Back Pick

33:12 Help Side vs. Cross Screen

35:30 Shell Drill

37:49 Inverted Shell Drill

39:13 Help Side vs. Down Screen

42:30 Help Side vs. Dribble Drive

44:17 Help side vs. Drive To Middle

45:15 Post Defense

48:39 X Step

50:25 Screen Defense

52:32 Pick And Roll Defense

54:08 Pick And Roll Underneath

54:50 One On One With Kenny And Rip

61:27 Creative Drills And Games

62:09 Chair Dribbling

68:39 Shark In The Water

70:54 Dribble Tag