Magic Fundamentals - Comprehensive, Part 1

(77 Menit)

DVD Release Date: March 23, 2005



Fundamentals of Basketball is the most comprehensive basketball instructional video on the market. Packed with skills and drills this program will help you become a better ball player. Learn and practice with the game's best including: Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Kenny Smith, and Gary McKnight, California's legendary high school coach.


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00:01 Ball Handling

01:16 Ball Slap

01:40 Around The Leg

02:14 Figure 8

03:34 Machine Gun Dribble

05:01 The Creeper

05:59 Behind The Back

07:27 Windshield Wiper

08:29 Right Handed Speed Dribbling

09:42 Left Handed Speed Dribble

11:10 Crossover & Step-Back Crossover

14:06 Straight Line Behind The Back Dribble Drill

17:10 Cone Drills

20:46 Triple Threat Passing

21:41 Chest Pass

23:33 Bounce Pass

25:54 Over Head Pass

28:05 Machine Gun Passing

29:22 Shooting Mechanics

34:32 Footwork Fundamentals

42:28 Triple Threat Position

46:28 CalRipken Drill

48:30 Windshield

53:14 Freethrow Fundamentals

57:23 Defensive Stance

64:30 Defensive Slides

66:50 1 On 1 Defense

69:34 Denying The Ball

71:54 Closing Out


Editorial Reviews

Sporting News, May 13, 2005
"The instruction is simple, informative, and effective. Even for serious players"




Magic has left us and enduring legacy., September 9, 2006


For years Earvin "Magic" Johnson has been dedicated to educating on the importance of the fundamentals of basketball, going as far back to the year 1989 when he released the wonderful book "Magic's Touch" with Roy S. Johnson. In "Magic Johnson's Comprehensive Fundamentals," Magic's enthusiasm and charisma come through during both of the instructional DVDs. One example is evident in the segment about cone dribbling. As Magic executes the exercise he demonstrates a humility and sense of humor that humanizes the presentation in a way that few other instructional DVD's do. The DVDs included in the set cover fundamental drills on shooting, ball handling, defense, post play and passing. The drills included in all of the above areas are necessary for any player to master.

In addition, the workout booklet included with the DVD is worth much more than the price of the DVDs. The workout includes drills on shooting, ball handling, cone drills, passing, and most importantly, condidtioning. Magic himself used to do wind sprints before playing all day and credits much of his success to the extra effort he put in before he practiced five on five. Furthermore, if any player follows the five out of seven day work out religiously they will see tremendous advances in their skills and abilities. My eleven year old son is proof of that as he has taken all of his abilities to a higher level and has become a much better player in just the last few months.

Many other DVD's on the market are excellent as well. Better Basketball, Coach K, Five Star, and Gannon Baker are the absolute pinnacle of basketball instruction. However, Magic Fundamentals is an entirely different product because it covers all of the basic and vital points a young player must practice and master in one set of two DVDs.

The honest truth that few young players want to hear is becoming a great player takes a superhuman time and effort committment. Many past and present college and pro players have told stories of playing 8-10 hours a day during the summer and 2-4 hours a day during the school year. If young players are willing to put in the work, they must incorporate these DVDs in their workouts to reach their full potential.


EXCELLENT VIDEO, July 10, 2006

By : Joshy Bosh


After being benched for most of the entire season, I picked up this video with 2 months left of the year. I practice 3 hours a day after school. I did the drills over and over again. I went from the 12th man to starting lineup. In the final tournament, my cofidence is so high that I eventually got all the trust from my coach. I wound up with 37 points in the final game and won first place in Alberta. I was named MVP and my coach couldn't be happier watching my growth. Thanks Magic.