Magic Fundamentals - For Kids, Part 1

(55 Menit)


DVD Release Date: June 1, 2006



Want to get to know and understand the game of basketball? Then start with the Magic Fundamentals For Kids DVD. This program is specially designed to teach the basic skills necessary to start you on your way to becoming a great player fundamentally.

Learn the right way to Shoot, Pass, and perform basic moves.

This program will help prepare you for your youth league and the neighborhood court. You can't take your game to the next level until you have mastered what Magic and his teams of top instructors teach you on these DVD.

Take your first step to becoming a great player.

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01:50  Shooting

06:36  What To Aim For

08:06  Beginners Shooting Drills

09:46  Shooting From Practice Without The Basket

10:34  Shooting From Practice Laying On The Ground

12:10  Basic Shooting Off The Blocks

12:39  Layups

14:18  Shooting Balance Drill

15:29  Shooting Drills

17:04  Shoot To Each Other Drill

18:05  Shooting From Practice Without The Basket

18:31  Basic Shooting Off The Blocks

19:57  Rainbow Drill

21:04  Rainbow Drill Layups

21:57  Rainbow Drill With Power Dribble

23:04  Rainbow Drill Jump Shots

25:40  Loop To Jumper

27:39  Flare To Corner

28:50  High Curl Jumper

30:15  Shot Fake And Shoot

31:49  Free Throws

33:35  One On One With Kenny And Rip

40:14  Passing

42:48  Passing Drills

43:29  Shuffle Pass Drill

44:39  Line Chest Pass Drill

45:33  Line Bounce Pass Drill

46:14  Line Skip Pass Drill

47:45  Dribble, Jump Stop, Pivot, Pass

49:55  Pass Fake Step Around Defender

51:12  Fake Low, Pass High

51:59  Pass Fake Step Around Defender

53:46  Shuffle Passing Drill