Magic Fundamentals - For Kids, Part 2

(72 Menit)



DVD Release Date: June 1, 2006



Want to get to know and understand the game of basketball? Then start with the Magic Fundamentals For Kids DVD. This program is specially designed to teach the basic skills necessary to start you on your way to becoming a great player fundamentally.

Learn the right way to Shoot, Pass, and perform basic moves.

This program will help prepare you for your youth league and the neighborhood court. You can't take your game to the next level until you have mastered what Magic and his teams of top instructors teach you on these DVDs.

Take your first step to becoming a great player.



01:20  Dribbling

01:57  Tripple Threat Position

02:37  Jump Stop

04:03  Basic Dribbling

04:10  Dribble Lunge

05:55  Dribbling Drills

07:20  Opposite Hand

07:44  Jump Stop And Pivot

08:57  Opposite Hand

09:43  Dribble Lunge

13:03  Jump Stop Stationary Dribble

14:10  Opposite Hand

15:59  Cross Over Dribble Drill 

17:06  Cross Over Dribble Backwards

18:07  Fingertip Dribble

18:42  Opposite Hand

19:24  Jump Stop Inside Out Dribble

21:53  Retreat Dribble And Crossover

22:43  Four-Way Dribble Drill

23:36  Four-Way Dribble Drill Backwards

24:47  Between The Leg Dribble Drill

25:44  Advanced Dribbling Drills

27:28  Cross Over Dribble Drill 

28:37  Between The Leg Cross Over

31:10  Dribble And Spin

32:07  Jump Stop Behind The Back

32:41  2 Ball Dribbling

34:31  One On One With Magic And Amare

40:46  Body Position & Moves

44:31  Body Position

45:39  Jump Stop

46:17  Jump Stop And Pivot

48:17  Jump Stop And Pivot With Ball

48:52  Reserve Pivot Moves

50:05  Reserve Pivot And Layup

51:41  Reserve Pivot ,Jab ,And Jump Shot

52:37  Reserve Pivot, Drop Step Spin

53:30  Reserve Pivot  And Step Back

54:18  Spin Moves

55:12  Reserve Pivot, Drop Step Spin

56:39  Spin Across The Middle

57:53  Spin Up And Under

60:15  Fake Spin

61:38  Fake Spin And Under

62:27  Closing Space

63:42  Hot Box Drill

66:10  Closing Space

67:25  L Cut To Layup

69:02  Pump Fake Drill