Grupo Axé Capoeira - Fundamentals

 (38 Menit)

Capoeira Video: Grupo Axé Capoeira - Fundamentals


In this DVD ; warming-up, ginga, attacks and esquivas.

Mestre Barrão of Recife, Brazil is the founder and president of Grupo Axé Capoeira, one of the world's foremost Capoeira organization which over the past few years has grown to upwards of 18,000 members in 19 countries across the globe. He also works in film, television and motion capture for video games. All of this work has made this former Brazilian Capoeira Champion one of the most famous capoeiristas in the world. He brings over 30 years of experience to help you in the development of your Capoeira techniques.




1.    00:33         Stretching

2.    05:55         Ginga

3.    08:37         Passagem Lateral

4.    11:08         Passagem de frente

5.    14:01         Escape Movements



6.    16:09         Escape Movements Esquiva de frente

7.    18:29         Escape Movements Esquiva agachada

8.    20:20         Escape Movements Esquiva diagonal

9.    21:58         Escape Movements



10.  23:35         Escape Movements Resistencia de frente Role

11.  25:18         Escape Movements AU

12.  26:59         Attack Movements Queixada

13.  28:56         Attack Movements Armada

14.  31:07         Attack Movements Meia lua de compasso

15.  33:49         Attack Movements Meia lua de frente

16.  35 :38        Attack Movements Martelo

17.  37:31         The Wrap Up  





Good workout!                  Lisa

I got this for my kid who absolutely loves capoeira. The instructor is excellent, the video format is broken up into little chunks so you can study the moves, and it's a lot of fun even for a 42 yr old mother. I don't know if I'll ever get the cartwheel but there's hope for me for the rest of the moves.


Great Video                      peaknuckle50

I just started learning capoeira and I want to be able to learn right the first time so I don't have any bad habits. This video is very instructional. I was afriad that it would move along too fast but it didnt matter of fact it shows two differnt angles at time so there isn't really any way for you to mess up. This video will help any new person to capoeira.