Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

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In this fascinating, heartfelt documentary narrated by Bruce Lee himself and with additional commentary by son Brandon Lee and student Dan Inosanto, the martial arts of Jeet Kune Do is presented in its purest, most direct form. See and hear Lee personally explains and demonstrates his punching and kicking techniques and combat philosophies. Bruce Lee's research notes, drawings, home movies, private recordings and audio recordings are also featured in this one of a kind film.




A Great Compilation of Bruce Lee's Rarely Seen Footage !,     John


A nice mix of home movie footage, movie clips, audio commentary by Bruce and Brandon Lee and interview footage from Dan Inosanto are all brought together in a wonderfully edited piece that is truly motivated to shed light on Jeet Kune Do. Just watching and listening to the footage of Bruce and James Coburn training (which incidentally is much longer and less cut than other documentaries showing only portions of this footage) is a great enlightenment into the way that Bruce Lee taught his art. One of the few, if not the only, documentaries on Bruce Lee that leaves you in awe of what he really was about. I really should not call it a documentary because it takes the available footage and makes it into a teaching/training DVD for JKD. Also Dan Inosanto lends a lot of personal insight in a pleasingly lengthy interview at the end.

The instruction, though not vast and complex, reflects the foundation of what Bruce was working with. Much of what is valuable pertains to a person's initiative more so than to obtaining techniques. Many tend to overlook the value of simple things and focus on acquiring an arsenal of techniques to tap into. Bruce was so very focused on the simplicity and directness of being and acting within the living moment, that he encapsulated what most others tend to disregard in their search for complexity. Many people approach an art looking for something new to learn and understand as opposed to trying to do what one already knows and understands very well. Acquiring new techniques is one thing. Applying yourself to make your actions useful and effective is another. The impact of simple ideas and common knowledge may be of little use to one person, and hold great depth for another. Bruce could see the value and become dynamically involved in the simplicity that others would fail to give credence to.

It should be noted that the techniques and drills that Bruce used to practice were meant to act as a foundation for providing a structure to grow from. Not as an end all group of movements to embrace.

The visual quality of the footage is by no means great when, after all, you are watching his home movies and listening to old audio recordings. However, the content is unprecedented when it comes to explaining Jeet Kune Do and getting a real sense of Bruce Lee the man. There is indeed enough here to provide a foundation that you can take and run with if you want to pursue training yourself the way Bruce did.

Don't miss this one!


One's nocive in martial arts opinion about this material,      Tomas Daunys


My english is not very perfect, but I will try to share with my thoughts
as a begginer in martial arts to others, who also have decided to become a dedicated martial artists as I did.
This material, a dvd, Bruce Lee's JKD has it's own pluses and minuses, but it is essential for those wanting to feel more deeply what a real martial art is about, will you can get from it what you wish in your own life and no doubt, you will know better why Bruce Lee is to be called a real teacher of martial arts.
In Your far way long process this material is a good thing research to.
I would call it a piece of material for future martial arts teachers, not for schoolboys and girls. Because even to understand it, you need a deeper dedication to it, same thing if you will try to practice,just nine times more.
I hope I did not make too much mistakes,thank you for possibility to express my self.
Have a nice day.


Bruce Lee        Ex-Teach


I am an avid Bruce Lee fan, and I enjoyed this DVD very much. I suggest it to anyone that is a fan of Bruce Lee.



01:39           Chapter 1 “In the beginning”

06:55           Chapter 2 “Towards Personal Liberation”

16:41           Chapter 3 “Punching”

24:17           Chapter 4 “Footwork”

32:07           Chapter 5 “Kicking”

40:29           Chapter 6 “Training”