Master Wong : JKD Body Weapon Part 1

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Jeet Kune Do Video: JKD Body Weapon, Part 1



First applications of Master Wong JKD System. Going through various implementations of Wing Chun trapping, centerline, elbowing, triple punch etc. How to implement Tai Chi application in JKD, as well as JKD enter drill and a variety of aspects on kicking and much more.

'Jeet Kune Do' the fighting system created by Bruce Lee has been widely misused and misguided, as are many martial arts systems today taken out of context, mal-practiced and misunderstood, whether ancient or contemporary. Master Wong's JKD Body Weapon uses only Chinese fighting systems that maintain their effectiveness through their compatibility when used in his JKD System.





JAMES   -   Outstanding

Thank you Master Wong. This is outstanding JKD BODY WEAPON, looking forward to your next DVD


Veasna    -   Master Wong is the best  

No other video looks as good as master wong style


Will    -   Good videos

I enjoy watching all Master Wong's DVD. He has some very useful stuff. Even though his style is a little different from the Yip Man system. His interpetation of JKD ii diferent but effective. Very Good DVD.


Robin   -   Good solid technique from Master Wot Wrong       

Maybe not pure JKD as practiced in the Bruce Lee lineage, but worth a look.



1.   01:07     Center Line Elbow

2.   03:11     Center Line Punch

3.   05:38     Groin Hit

4.   08:51     Dead Leg

5.   11:43     Body Punch

6.   14:14     Shoulder Bump

7.   17:58     Tai Chi Combat

8.   23:47     How the Kicks Works