Jun Fan Gung Fu Vol 2 - JKD Kick Boxing

(41  Menit)

Instruction influenced by Lee’s Jeet Kune Do philosophy. Techniques include : entries off opponents sidekicks series. Entries off round kick series, Ha Pac (English), Jeet Que (English), Jeet Que Juk (English)


Ron Balicki has studied martial arts for over twenty years under Sifu Dan Inosanto. He taught at the Inosanto Academy from 1993 to 1998. In the Art of Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Art Kali, Ron holds the rank of Senior Associate Instructor.

Diana Inosanto is the featured cover story in magazines including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu , and Inside Karate. She has trained in Jun Fan Gung Fu (Jeet Kune Do), Filipino Kali, Thai boxing and other arts for almost her entire life. She is a working Hollywood actress, stuntwoman and model.

See how Balicki and Inosanto put it all together in realistic Bruce Lee inspired self defense.





Will  -  Excellent           

Very good intructions


Lionel   -   Drill Work    

Shows you a few fundamental combinations and drills of JKD, but as a word of caution it also assumes that you know how to do the basic punching and kicking of JKD. High quality production.


Scott  -  Awesome

Mixed with Vunak, Dog Brothers stuff, then you have awesome new ways to enter


Benjamin   -  JKD!        

Makes me want to be a JKD man


Daniel    -   Excellent instruction    

See my comments for Vol 1. The same goes for Vol 2. This is not an in-depth study of JKD kickboxing, but it does provide a very good introduction with practical drills that any style martial artist will benefit from.



1.   02:38     Basic Entries

2.   06:25     Attack by Draw

3.   09:50     Side Kick Counter into Entry

4.   10:15               Ha Pac

5.   12:25               Jeet Que

6.   14:17     Jik Tek Counter

7.   17:35     Gloved Drills

8.   20:12     Counter to Round Kick

9.   22:11               Wom Pac Biu Gee

10. 24:24               Ping Pong Drill

11. 27:33     Adding Takedown to Ping-Pong Drill

12. 28:05               Figure 4 Takedown

13. 29:27     Jow Sao to Right Side Takedown

14. 33:45     Jow Sao to Right Side Takedown

15. 34:44               Apply Arm Bar at 45o Angle

16. 36:08     Jow Sao to Single Leg Reap

17. 38:09     Jow Sao to Double Leg Sweep