Gustavo Machado - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Half Guard

(40 Menit)



In his first instructional DVD, Gustavo Machado demonstrates Half Guard techniques he has been teaching for years. In the Half Guard section, Gustavo teaches sweeps, passes, and submissions sure to improve your game. This exciting DVD contains 12 techniques in over 40 minutes of footage. Gustavo is a black belt under Roberto Correa and owns the Gustavo Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


00:30           Going from The Half Guard to Full Guard

02:43           Getting The Back from The Half Guard

05:19           Half Guard Sweep  Grabbing The Ankles

11:25           Half Guard Sweep  Grabbing The Lapel Going to The Opposite Side

14:16           Half Guard Sweep  Grabbing The Lapel Tapping The Arm

20:25           Armbar From Half Guard

22:42           Controlling The Lapel Pass

25:47           Passwint The Half Guard With Head on The Mat

28:38           Getting The Back From Top Postition

30:56           Pressuring The Head Pass

33:56           Choke From Top Position

35:56           Inverted Ezekiel Choke From Top Position