Karo Parisyan

Judo For Mixed Martial Arts  3

(84 Menit)


VOLUME 5: Kimura

The most famous throw and submission in grappling comes to No Holds Barred fighting in this incredible DVD! This is one of Karo’s most effective techniques and one that he is using on a regular basis in all of his MMA fights. Learn the Kimura from standing and on the ground with counters and offenses never seen on video until now!
RUNNING TIME: 43 minutes


VOLUME 6: Submissions

This volume displays the devastating submissions of Judo that are effective in NO Holds Barred fighting. Karo Parisyan’s submissions are tested and proven in shows like the UFC and have led him to submit many of his opponents in his matches. Learn chokes, armbars and leglocks that are different then the typical Jiu-Jitsu approach to submissions on the ground.
RUNNING TIME: 41 minutes