Mike Swain - Complete Judo 2

Shime Waza - Choking Techniques

(50 Menit)


Mike Swain's Complete Judo is the ultimate reference tool with over 100 standing and grappling techniques of Judo. Mike Swain, 5 time Olympian and world champion along with Keith Nakasone, Olympian and 5 times national champion bring you a dynamic teaching and coaching guide. This 5 volume series includes all techniques from the original Kodokan; including throws, holddowns, chokes and armlocks, top modern Olympic Judo techniques, plus awesome combination and countering techniques. Coach, competitor, or instructor, this series offers the knowledge to give you the competitive edge.

Daftar Isi :


00:04    Gyaku-Juji-Jime  Cross Lock Choke

00:55    Nami-Juji-Jime   Standard Cross Lock Choke

01:16    Kata-Juji-Jime    Half Cross Choke

02:34    Reverse Nami-Juji-Jime  Standard Cross Lock

03:09    Hadaka-Jime      Necked Arm Choke

04:47    Okuri-Eri-Jime    Sliding Collar Choke

06:13    Kataha-Jime       Single Wing Choke

12:30    Pinning Take Downs       From Behind Your Opponent

16:51    Standing To Osai-Komi  Hold Downs

22:45    Kansetsu-Waza  Armlocks

22:49    Ude-Garami  Entangled Armlock

25:17    Combinations Into Ude-Garami

32:09    Juji-Gatame  Cross Body Armlock

33:41    Juji-Gatame  Breaking The Grip

38:19    Combinations To Juji-Gatame

45:25    Sankaku-Garami  Triangular Entanglement

48:03    Waki-Gatame  Side Armlock