Mike Swain - Complete Judo 4

Ashi Waza - Leg Throw and Sacrifice Techniques

(37 Menit)


Mike Swain's Complete Judo is the ultimate reference tool with over 100 standing and grappling techniques of Judo. Mike Swain, 5 time Olympian and world champion along with Keith Nakasone, Olympian and 5 times national champion bring you a dynamic teaching and coaching guide. This 5 volume series includes all techniques from the original Kodokan; including throws, holddowns, chokes and armlocks, top modern Olympic Judo techniques, plus awesome combination and countering techniques. Coach, competitor, or instructor, this series offers the knowledge to give you the competitive edge.

Daftar Isi :


00:32    Deashi-Barai  Foot Sweep

01:37    Hiza-Guruma  Knee-Wheel

02:30    Sasae-Tsurikomi-Ashi   Ankle Throw

03:19    Harai-Tsurikomi-Ashi      Sweeping Drawing Ankle Throw

04:25    Ko-Soto-Gari  Outer Reaping Ankle Throw

05:56    O-Soto-Gari   Outer Reaping Throw

14:58    O-Soto-Guruma   Major Outer Wheel Throw

17:57    Sutemi-Waza  Sacrifice Throws

18:04    Tomoe-Nage   Stomach Throw

19:11    Sumi-Gaeshi  Sacrifice Throw

20:11    Hikikomi-Gaeshi  Back Fall Reversal

23:33    Obitori-Gaeshi  Belt Grab Reversal

25:34    Ura-Nage  Rear Throw

26:45    Yokosutemi-Waza

26:51    Tani-Otoshi  Body Drop

28:37    Hane-Makikomi  Springing Wrap Throw

30:03    Soto-Makikomi  Outer Winding Throw

31:17    Uki-Waza  Floating Throw

33:21    Yoko-Otoshi  Side Drop

34:02    Yoko-Gake  Side Sacrifice Throw

35:07    Yoko-Wakare  Side Separation Throw

36:15    Yoko-Guruma  Side Wheel Throw