E a s y     K a r a t e
(35 Menit)



Helps increase strength, develop flexibility, and improve mental and physical discipline.

Learn the technique, history, and philosophy of the ancient art of Karate with Easy Karate, an introductory course packed with instructive video that lets you study at your own pace. Watch godan martial artist Brad Jones demonstrate fundamental forms and precise techniques for the beginning student.



01:20           Introduction

02:13           Stances

02:50           Introduction Punching (Tsuki)

05:43           The Reverse Punch (Gyaku-Zuki)

07:01           The Lunge Punch (Oi-Zuki)

07:47           Introduction Blocking (Uke)

08:06           The Low Block (Gedan-Barai)

09:16           The Inside Middle Block (Uchi-Uke)

10:20           The Outside Block (Soto-Uke)

11:31           The High Block (Jodan Age-Uke)

12:45           The Sword Hand Block (Shuto-Uke)

14:10           Introduction Kicking (Geri)

14:32           The Front Kick (Mae-Geri)

15:45           The Side Kick (Yoko-Geri)

16:49           The Roundhouse Kick (Mawashi-Geri)

17:55           Kata (Forms)

18:26           Taikyoku Shodan (Front View)

19:37           Taikyoku Shodan (Rear View)

20:43           Taikyoku Shodan (Front View with Full Speed)

21:43           Heian Shodan (Front View)

22:52           Heian Shodan (Rear View)

23:53           Heian Shodan (Front View with Full Speed)

24:50           Gojushiho Dai

26:41           Kumite (Sparring)

27:20           Kumite With High Punch

28:31           Kumite With Middle Punch

29:39           Kumite With Front Punch

30:46           Preparation

34:39           Summary