Krav Maga : First Strike

 ( 82 Menit)



Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Army and U.S. law enforcement. The handgun is the most commonly feared weapon used by criminals. The Krav Maga techniques described in this video teach you how to respond quickly and effectively to a variety of handgun threats: from the front and the back, from the side, and at various heights from the head to the stomach. Each technique is clearly broken down and shows how to redirect the line of fire, control the weapon, and how to deal with and disarm the gunman.

The video shows you the techniques in dramatized true-to-life situations. To easily master the exercises you are then taken into the training studio to examine the techniques as they are explained and analyzed by Krav Maga's highest level instructors: U.S. Chief Instructor Darren Levine and International Krav Maga Federation Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov.

Krav Maga's battle-tested techniques emphasize simple, practical movements, based on the body's natural instincts that can be performed by people of all levels of ability


Stance & Movement

Straight Punches

Hammerfirst Punches

Hook Punches

Uppercut Punches

Elbow Strikes

Combatives : Kicks and knees

Combatives In Action

Front Kick To Groin

Round Kick

Downward Stomp

Defensive Front Kick

Front Kick To Vertical Target

Defensive Back Kick

Side Kick

Kicking From The Ground

Knee Strikes

Combatives In Action

Inside Defenses Against Punches