Krav Maga : The Best Defense

(74 Menit)

Learn the OFFICIAL CLOSE COMBAT SYSTEM OF THE ISREALI ARMY . In life threatening situations there are no rules. Chokes, headlock, bearhugs and other violent attacks such as these can occur without warning. Krav Maga teaches you to respond to such assaults quickly and effectively. Without hesitation. The Crav Maga approach is designed to counterattack immediately to end the assault and keep you safe.


The Krav Maga system is endorsed by U.S. Law Enforcement and is used at the highest levels of ISRAELI ARMY NATIONAL SECURITY, but because itís based on the bodyís natural instincts, itís simplicity and natural movement makes it easy to learn and suitable for men and women of all physical abilities. Get a GREAT FULL BODY WORKOUT while learning from Krav Magaís highest level instuctors: U.S. Chief Instuctor Darren Levine and International Krav Maga Federation Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov.


02:46†††††††††† The Best Defense

21:19†††††††††† Defense Against Choke From Behind (Plucking Defense)

25:39†††††††††† Defense Against Frontal Choke (Rotational Defense)

29:47†††††††††† Variation : Frontal Choke With Push

30:50†††††††††† Defense Against Choke From Behind (Rotational Defense)

35:05†††††††††† Variation : Choke From Behind With Push

35:54†††††††††† Defense Against Choke On Ground

39:10†††††††††† Defense Against Headlock Applied From Side

43:17†††††††††† Defense Against Headlock From Behind

43:50†††††††††† Headlock From Behind - Defense Against Arm Bar Hold

47:51†††††††††† Solution To A Potential Problem

48:22†††††††††† Headlock From Behind - Defense Against Carotid Hold

50:51†††††††††† Defending Against Frontal Headlock

56:19†††††††††† Defense Against Frontal Bear Hug (Arms Free)

58:57†††††††††† Defense Against Frontal Bear Hug (Arms Caught)

62:03†††††††††† Hair Grabs

62:27†††††††††† Hair Grabs - Pull From Front

63:45†††††††††† Hair Grabs - Pull From Behind



Defense against unarmed attack††††††††††††††††† Seppo Vesala

This DVD presents several techniques for defending agains unarmed attack. The punch defences are covered in Basic combatives film, and in this film they present defences against several different chokes, headlocks and bearhugs. The DVD includes two bonus techniques that are not presented in the VHS version. The film opens with almost 15 minute long discussion about the basic principles of Krav maga system (system that relies on instinctive responses to an attack, the demand for realistic training and so on).

As with the previous film (basic combatives), the instruction is generally good. Each technique starts with a dramatized scene, then they show the technique at full speed, then at slow motion (again, they have not slowed the film down, rather the people instructing the techniques are moving slowly). After that, they break the technique down to learning stages to make it easier to learn the technique. When needed, the defender performs the technique as "shadow boxing", without the attacker (so that the attacker's body would not block the view).

In some of the techniques, they use counterattacks that were not instructed in the basic combatives tape (like palm strike). They don't discuss breaking the tunnel vision while using the techniques, and they don't mention other physical effects stress will have on a person while engaged in fight. I found that somewhat odd, as in my Krav maga school, they emphasize these aspects of real-life combat in training.

The production of the film is of the same standard as in the basic combatives film. Everything works quite nicely, but there is slight amateurish feel to the production.

There were some basic techniques I was missing. Naturally, they can't fit everything into one DVD, but if they had moved the basic principles to the introduction film, they could have fitted one or two more techniques to this film