Krav Maga : On The Edge

( 53 Menit)


Knife attacks are lighting fast and brutal. With the advent of tougher sentencing laws for gun-related crimes, the use of edged weapons in violent crimes is increasingly common. This video will teach you Krava Maga techniques to respond to knife attacks delivered from a distance, close range and from a variety of angles.


The Krav Maga system is endorsed by U.S. Law Enforcement and is used at the highest levels of ISRAELI ARMY NATIONAL SECURITY. Because it's based on the body's natural instincts, it's simplicity and natural movement makes it easy to learn and suitable for men and women of all physical abilities. Get a GREAT FULL BODY WORKOUT while learning from Krav Maga's highest level instructors: U.S. Chief Instructor Darren Levine and International Krav Maga Federation Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov.




360 degrees Defense Drill Against a Knife

 “Ice Pick”  Vertical Downward Stab

Vertical Upward Stab Control To Inside

Vertical Upward Stab Control To Outside

Hand Defense against a Straight Stab

Defending against a Slashing attack

Kicking Defense against “Ice Pick” Vertical Downward Stab

Kicking Defense against Vertical Upward Stab

Kicking Defense against Straight Stab (Front Kick)

Kicking Defense against Straight Stab (Round Kick)