Chinese Wushu Fundamentals with Ron Succarotte

Vol 2 - Nan Quan Southern Fist

(48 Menit)




Training in this volume includes stances such as Tiger and Crane that are more aggressive in nature. Learn an eight step empty hand forms and a twenty step form. Excellent self defense applications and drills for both solo and partner training. These preliminary forms are a winning foundation for students who wish to advance to International Wushu compulsory competition. Training is ideal for rotating and theme based curriculums.

Sifu Ron Succarotte has been a student of Chinese Martial Arts for over 25 years. His background includes Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, Five Animals Shaolin as well as Contemporary Wushu, Chinese Weapons, Chin Na (joint locks and submissions), Applications, Self Defense and Acrobatics.
Sifu Ron owns two Chinese Martial Arts schools, one in Newark, Delaware and one in Wilmington, Delaware.
Sifu Ron Succarotte is also an accomplished film actor, stuntman and fight choreographer. He has appeared and worked on over 10 feature films including productions from Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York.





Nigel Best Tutorial

The instructions are very clear and easy to do.


Felix Great Long fist Form

Very good. Great reveiw or if you want to learn beginners form.



02:01 Nan Quan - Southern Fist

03:00 Dragon Riding Stance

08:30 Eagle Claw

09:30 Nan Quan Drills

15:27 Nan Quan Form 1

20:35 Nan Quan Form 2

31:36 20 Step Nan Quan