Ron Succarotte : One Step Wushu Self Defense

 (63  Menit)



In this volume learn one of the most important skills in self defense; How to read your opponent. One step self defense teaches you how to read and opponents weakness. Discover how to target them, attack them, read reactions and find the next weakness. Self Defense is a skill that must be practiced as much as a kick, punch or form. Discover the fun way to learn valuable skills needed to protect yourself.

Sifu Ron Succarotte has been a student of Chinese Martial Arts for over 25 years. His background includes Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, Five Animals Shaolin as well as Contemporary Wushu, Chinese Weapons, Chin Na (joint locks and submissions), Applications, Self Defense and Acrobatics. Sifu Ron owns two Chinese Martial Arts schools, one in Newark, Delaware and one in Wilmington, Delaware. Sifu Ron Succarotte is also an accomplished film actor, stuntman and fight choreographer. He has appeared and worked on over 10 feature films including productions from Hong Kong, Los Angeles and New York.






I am going to get all his videos, that guy is really good.



i don't believe of that


Daniel                  I second that

Ron Succarotte is a fantastic teacher. Get all his videos.


David          Must See

This DVD is an outstanding start to Wushu



1.    04:41    On-the-spot Strike Defenses

2.    05:43              Get Out of the Way

3.    26:32              Attack Weak Spots

4.    33:35    On-the-spot Kick Defenses

5.    45:44    On-the-spot Grab Defenses

6.    57:42    One Step Self-Defense Performance Demo