Scott Rogers : 12 Shots to Escape Any Street Fight

(64 Menit)

Self-Defense Video: 12 Shots to Escape Any Street Fight




Practical pressure points and self defense strikes taught from hands on experience. Learn how to handle most attack situations with a minimum of training time. Includes releases, knockouts, defense from the rear attacks and more.

Techniques taught as if you have no prior training but are equally valuable to the trained martial artist.





Daniel OK if you're just starting out

The majority of techniques here are not going to help you out in a real encounter. There are a couple of gems thrown in here and there though


Gary Practical and excellent teacher

The instructors way of teaching makes these practical moves easily understandable and simple to execute defensively and offensivly. Thumbs up!


Scott Kinda Crappy

I would reccomend this. Try Paul Vunak's stuff, or SAS Secrets with Bob Spour.


Victor EXCELLENT *****

This man is good but buy NASH videos


Cosmic 12 Shots to Escape Any Street Fight

While the quality of the video and the coordination of the training presented is superb, this video has a lot of rehashed material from Scott's other videos. Still, 3 Stars.


Kiley Very good techniques, and applicable to most realistic situation

Good practical ideas of tactical maneuvering.


Stephane Good video

Take time to teach you moves and repeat them very often so that you can use them in a real life situation.


David 12 Shots to Escape Any Street Fight

This a very well presented program and the techniques are easily understood and used by anyone needing to protect themselvs


Michael Interesting

Interesting video could use a little more direct and up close shots of the actual pressure points so we can see them as the viewer.



1. 01:21 Countering A Grabbing Attack

2. 03:20 Locate Mark Strike

3. 09:09 Strike in a Straight Line

4. 10:36 Countering A Double Grab

5. 15:54 Distancing

6. 19:30 Offensive Techniques

7. 25:03 Step in As you strike

8. 32:54 Knockouts : Excerpted from previous Pressure Point Programs

9. 37:39 Rear Attacks

10. 44:36 Working from the ground

11. 48:11 Trap Arm and Leg

12. 50:00 Blocking /Striking Drills

13. 53:36 Pushing Defense

14. 61:14 Instant Knockout Shots