Al Kilgore Contemporary Applied Kenjutsu:

Vol. 1 Introduction to Practical Kenjutsu Theory

(52 Menit)


The focus of the training is on applied Kenjutsu. With his base style of Shinkage Ryu, Sensei Kilgore brings the student along a vibrant, living path of spirited training and introspective understanding of what it means to be a swordsman in this age. His students embody the spirit and the path. The dedication to training and the patient guidance he offers makes him one of the best in his field.


Vol 1: Introduction to Practical Kenjutsu Theory. Sensei Kilgore introduces concepts and methods of applied Kenjutsu. Key concepts are presented in a clear, style independent manner that any student of the Japanese Sword Arts can grasp



02:24           The Tools of Kenjutsu

09:49           Basic Posture And Cuts

30:22           Training Exercise

34:08           Eight Cuts

37:15           Use Of a Live Sword