Bas Rutten's BIG DVDs of Combat Volume 2

Striking and Ground Striking

(112 Menit)




Everything you need to know about fighting, is contained on these DVD's. Bas doesn't hold anything back and shows you everything he knows.


From the Actor

Winner of over 200 deadly street fights the legendary Bas Rutten is one of the most dynamic and versatile fighters the sport of No-Holds-Barred combat has ever seen. Known for his fierce striking ability and deceptive ground game, Rutten is one of the most respected and feared fighters because of his notoriety for pulverizing opponents in NHB competitions. His NHB victories have brought him numerous world heavyweight titles including 3X "King Of Pancrase" and "Ultimate Fighting Champion". Recognized for his exceptional martial arts abilities, Rutten has been crowned the pretigious title of "World's Greatest Martial Artist" by Black Belt Magazine. World Champion Rutten, also holds high ranking black belts in

traditional martial arts including Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushinkai Karate.



00:06 Ground Striking

15:10 Stand Up Striking

57:23 Blocks and Counters for Punches