Bas Rutten's Lethal Street Fighting

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Highly respected mixed martial artist, Bas Rutten presents this nearly 2 hour instructional DVD on how to win a street fight. Particularly useful for bouncers, this DVD shows how to use your surroundings to your advantage, and how to deal with knife weilding attackers and multiple attackers. If you only watch one self defense DVD in your life, make it this one!


From the Actor
Winner of over 200 deadly street fights the legendary Bas Rutten is one of the most dynamic and versatile fighters the sport of No-Holds-Barred combat has ever seen. Known for his fierce striking ability and deceptive ground game, Rutten is one of the most respected and feared fighters because of his notoriety for pulverizing opponents in NHB competitions. His NHB victories have brought him numerous world heavyweight titles including 3X "King Of Pancrase" and "Ultimate Fighting Champion". Recognized for his exceptional martial arts abilities, Rutten has been crowned the pretigious title of "World's Greatest Martial Artist" by Black Belt Magazine. World Champion Rutten, also holds high ranking black belts in traditional martial arts including Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushinkai Karate. Fans can write Rutten C/O Master Fighter, P.O. Box 73610, San Clemente, CA 92673.

Product Description
In this dynamic DVD World "Ultimate Fighting Champion" and 3X "King Of Pancrase", Bas Rutten personally teaches you his "Lethal Street Fighting" Self Defense System designed to immediately give you the skills and combat techniques needed to win any street fight! Winner of over 200 deadly street fights and numerous No-Holds-Barred Titles Rutten knows what he is talking about when it comes to reality combat. All techniques taught in this exciting DVD have been battle tested by Rutten in the ring and on the street so you know they will work in the deadliest combat situations! Don't Delay! Start learning the World's most effective Street Fighting Self Defense System by ordering Bas Rutten's, "Lethal Street Fighting" training DVD Today! Over 1 hour 45 minutes of non-stop action! What you learn today may save your life tomorrow.

Techniques taught by Bas Rutten in this dynamic DVD include:

*Proper street fighting posture and positions to take when encountering the enemy to give you the advantage when the fight begins.

*Strikes including the straight right punch, uppercut, the deadly palm heel strike, elbow strikes, nasty eye gouges and nose breaking head butts.

*Kicks including front kicks to the groin and solar plexus, knee smashes to the face and body, stomping kicks for when your opponent is down, roundhouse kicks to the head and body plus deadly low kicks to the legs.

*Over 75 non-stop Lethal Self Defense techniques covering every street fighting situation you may encounter including techniques against one and two man attacks, defensive techniques against deadly knife and gun attacks, defending against attempted take downs, ground fighting self-defense and much more!

*How to use everyday instruments as deadly weapons against your attacker such as beer bottles and chairs, street fighting strategy and much, much more!


USER Reviews

I watched Bas fight in the UFC and co-host for Pride and like him. The video is very straight forward, just like Bas. He explains how things work in the everyday world, not the ring. DVD is good quality with audio that can be understood. Intruction is top rate, very simple, and easy to understand. With Bas's techniques you have to have the right mindset, which he talks about. You also have to have some fighting skills, but you should if you are viewing this DVD. DVD is one of my top picks for down and dirty, but effective fighting.


There are some good techniques on this DVD. and Bas Rutten is the most charismatic video instructor out there. If you like Bas then you will love this.


This is in the top of all videos i've watched so far. Bas is very entertaining.


This is my favorite dvd so far. Shows you simple easy to understand and effective moves for a variety of different violent encounters in street fights. If you havent seen any of Bas Rutten's dvds your missing out on some top notch instruction

d bolen

It's Bas Rutten plain and simple. He is straight forward and to the point, with simple, easy to follow directions. Worth seeing.


Realistic NHB methods in common situations with a little bit of humor on the side. This is an excellent tape for NHB training or for anyone who wants MMA bar fight basics. A must rent!




01:39           Introductions

03:13           Bar Weapons & Other Fun Things

06:54           Ranges of Combat

08:12           Be Ready ... Correct Body Posture

10:12           Fighting Techiques

45:50           Dont Call My Wife Fat!! Or I Break Your Leg!

98:14           Conclusion