Frank Shamrock’s Advanced Submissions

Advanced Control and Submission

 (52  Menit)

Mixed Martial Arts Video: Frank Shamrock's Advanced Submissions - Guaranteed Submission Combinations




Frank Shamrock is a superstar in the mixed martial arts arena. His most recent accomplishment has been to establish a new fight game called Shootbox.

Its unique fighting arena along with innovative rules has brought fight sports entertainment to a new and exciting level. He was undefeated as a UFC World Champion and is a Hall Of Fame Inductee.

This DVD contains instruction on the following: on your back, the active guard, open and close, swimming the legs in and out, hips sideways, sweeps with hips, with knees, push the head, sit- ups, crucifix, guard passed roll, walking up the guard with the knees, turn arm bar, leg choke, turn, mount, half guard escape and hold.





Review for advanced control and submission      John Hobbs

Very good learning tool. All techniques are easily learned and easy to do. Very helplful



01.   02:49   Moving Between Guards


                             Hip Turn



02.  12:12    Guard Drills

                             Sit Up Drill


                             Shrimp Drill


03.   17:58   Attack From Guard Sit Up

                             Passes Upper Body

                             Not Lower Body

                             Roll Body

                             Lift With Foot

04.   20:42   Head Attacks From The Guard

                             Under The Arm

                             Control The Head

                             Cruafix Roll

                             Roll To Top

05.  23:44    Sweeps

                             Control The Hands

                             Redirect Energy

                             Sweeps With Knees

                             Get On Top

06.  30:49    Submissions From The Guard

                             Shoulder Lock

                             Arm Bar

                             Double Arm Bar

                             Leg Choke

07.  41:18    Tips And Tricks

                             Grabbing The Jaw

                             Arm Bar


                             Half Guard