Learn to Fight and Win with Frank Shamrock

Escape From The Ground

 (48  Menit)




In this video, he reveals the secret to his success in the mixed martial arts and demonstrates how to train to become a champion.

This DVD contains instruction on the following: Get up and strike, safety positions, bridge, elevator, hip hop, stand up, monkey roll, sit out, drills.


In the November 2002 issue of Black Belt Magazine, Frank Shamrock was reported to be the most decorated athlete in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


01:18           Safety Positions

10:53           The Bridge

18:33           The Elevator

21:09           The Hip Pop

24:29           The Stand Up

27:22           The Monkey Roll from the Dog Position

30:10           The Sit Out from the Dog Position

34:17           Out the Front

37:34           Drills

45:25           Shadow Rolling - Combinations of Escapes & Drills

47:17           The Wrap Up