Frank Shamrock’s Advanced Submissions

Give Your Back and Win

 (44  Menit)




Frank Shamrock is a superstar in the mixed martial arts arena. His most recent accomplishment has been to establish a new fight game called Shootbox.

Its unique fighting arena along with innovative rules has brought fight sports entertainment to a new and exciting level. He was undefeated as a UFC World Champion and is a Hall Of Fame Inductee.




02:43 Basic All Fours Position

                   Stay Active

                   Get Up


                   Go For Holds

03:39 Escapes

                   Elbow to Knee

                   Stand Up

                   Sit Out

                   Monkey Roll

07:22 Submissions

                   Arm Lock

                   Shoulder Lock

                   Gramby roll

                   Use In Combination

16:37 Avoiding The Hooks

                   Elbow To Knee

                   Pick The Heel


                   Head Pull


24:05 Avoiding The Choke

                   Nothing Under Chin

                   Chin Down

                   Shoulders Up

                   Back To Mat

28:42 Striking

                   Elbow Strike

                   Head Butt

                   Make Distance

                   Standing Attacks

35:46 Avoiding The Throw

                   Good Stance

                   Hook A Leg

                   Hook Both Legs


37:59 Drills

                   Leg Cat Ch Drill

                   Mountain Climber

                   Sit Out Drill

                   Pyramid Drill