Frank Shamrock’s Advanced Submissions

Guaranteed Submission Combinations

 (48  Menit)

Mixed Martial Arts Video: Frank Shamrock's Advanced Submissions - Guaranteed Submission Combinations




Frank Shamrock is a superstar in the mixed martial arts arena. His most recent accomplishment has been to establish a new fight game called Shootbox.

Its unique fighting arena along with innovative rules has brought fight sports entertainment to a new and exciting level. He was undefeated as a UFC World Champion and is a Hall Of Fame Inductee.

This DVD contains instruction on the following: flowing combinations for attack, side mount arm attacks, rolling the body with hips for straight arm bar, rolling knee bar, toe-hold and heel hook, crooked neck head scissors, shoulder lock, turning straight arm bar, inside heel hold and more!





Great Vid                   Gary

All of Franks videos are done with a lot of class. I would love to be able to train with him. This is the next best thing. Keep up the good work Frank.


Well done                  Kyle

Great explanations, better combinations


Great submission video      Michael

This is an amazing video that gave me hours of practice to master and has made my game super tight.


Another SSF Instructor Review   Scott

This is an excellent video, I've always wanted to learn submission combinations, and this is a great video to do it with.


review of guaranteed submission combinations      John Hobbs

They defenitely work. Excellent video



1.   02:57     Side Mount Arm Combo   

                             Roll The Body

                             Control The Head

                             Use Your Hips

                             Arm Bar

2.   10:24     Leg Combo

                             Monkey Roll

                             Rolling Knee Bar

                             Toe Hold

                             Heel Hook

3.   13:38     Shoulders And Head combo

                             Crooked Neck

                             Head Scissors

                             Shoulder Lock

                             Straight Arm Bar

4.   22:40     Combos from the Guard

                             Guard Pass

                             Knee Bar

                             Inside Heel Hold

                             Knee Splitter

5.   29:03     Tips for the Guard





6.   31:20     More Combos From The Guard

                             Arm Bar

                             Leg Choke

                             Roll Through

                             Arm Bar

7.   42:01     Drills

                             Arm Bar Drill

                             Knee Bar Drill