Learn to Fight and Win with Frank Shamrock

Vol 4 -  Instant Submissions

 (45  Menit)

Mixed Martial Arts Video: Learn to Fight and Win with Frank Shamrock - Instant Submissions




In this video, he reveals the secret to his success in the mixed martial arts and demonstrates how to train to become a champion.

Instant Submissions: Front Choke. Standing Shoulder Lock. Arm Bar Lock. And more.

In the November 2002 issue of Black Belt Magazine, Frank Shamrock was reported to be the most decorated athlete in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.





Lord-Ahli    Entertaining and Informational

Frank Shamrock does a great job of walking the viewer through the techniques step by step. He also keeps it light and entertaining by beating up on his poor assistant. His instructional style is engaging and promotes action on the part of the viewer.


Rai              Good for beginners.

Great instruction of very basic techniques.


Chris           good

good stuff liked it


John           Another Shammy hit!!              

Far and above the most thorough and detailed instruction in the industry.



It could have not been any clearer or precise.


Brett           Top Notch    

Excellent video on beggining to build a submission arsenal. very high production values and a 'coach' who is knowledgeable and well spoken. Shamrock not only demonstrates the techniques in detail, he explains some key elements of each position which can help you understand how to think about each position, and why you want to use it in a given situation. Top notch instructor and video.


Scott                     Good info               

Great info on stuff that will work on most people. There are some who know what to do, but I'd say this techinques will work on 70 percent of he population.



1.   01:01     The Front Choke

2.   06:45     The Standing Shoulder Lock

3.   12:54     The Arm Bar from The Guard

4.   17:49     The Monkey Roll to Knee Bar

5.   27:44     The Standing Side Choke

6.   32:47     The Dropping Arm Bar

7.   35:42     The Rear Naked Choke

8.   41:43     Tips, Tricks and Cheats

9.   44:00     The Wrap Up