Learn to Fight and Win with Randy Couture

The Fight Clinic

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Mixed Martial Arts Video: Learn to Fight and Win with Randy Couture - The Fight Clinic



In this video: fight clips, commentary, interview, and training tips. Includes Couture's five key skills and techniques that will help you fight like a champion; special tactics, clinch take downs, closing the distance, take downs for grappling, and ground fighting from a wrestler's perspective.

Randy Couture reveals the secret to his remarkable success at achieving the title of UFC Heavyweight Champion and demonstrates how others can train to become a competitive fighter. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world's leading ultimate fighting sports company, produces events that feature the best of mixed martial arts and no holds barred style combat. Randy is one of the most respected and fiercest fighters on the circuit and is a former Oklahoma State University Wrestling Champion.





Bilalek                  This vid deserves this rating

I was not convinced at the start but I think this video is good on its' field - clinch fight. Everything sticks together. If you want to have an fair over view of his videos watch it and then decide if you want to go deeper in it.


RK                        Randy is still the best!

This is what everyone has been looking for! Especially since he retired.



1.   03:31     Elbow Destruction

2.   05:33     Closing the Distance

3.   08:40     Front Kick

4.   11:21     Takedowns

5.   12:45     Duck Under

6.   16:17     Duck Under Demo

7.   16:54     Near Side Duck Under

8.   19:02     Knee Strikes

9.   24:03     Modified Under Hook

10. 28:34     Double Leg Takedown

11. 30:21     Penetration

12. 38:07     Double Leg Demo

13. 38:52     Passing the Guard

14. 44:11     Passing Demo

15. 45:18     Grappling Circuit

16. 49:40     Conclusion