Learn to Fight and Win with Randy Couture

Take Down for Grappling

 (47  Menit)

Mixed Martial Arts Video: Learn to Fight and Win with Randy Couture - The Fight Clinic



In this video: Elbow ties, bicep ties, elbow-bicep combo, 2 on 1, hand fighting and wrist control, set ups, high crotch, low single, and knee taps.

Randy Couture reveals the secret to his remarkable success at achieving the title of UFC Heavyweight Champion and demonstrates how others can train to become a competitive fighter. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world's leading ultimate fighting sports company, produces events that feature the best of mixed martial arts and no holds barred style combat. Randy is one of the most respected and fiercest fighters on the circuit and is a former Oklahoma State University Wrestling Champion.





Best, simplest takedowns.                 Sean

This is the best takedown video I have ever seen. Simple, effective techniques. Watch it, even if you think you know what you are doing already.


Learn to Fight and Win with Randy Couture - Take Downs for Grapp              Dan

By far, the best video on wrestling takedowns as it relates to MMA. Very detailed explanation of various take downs.



1.   01:12      Tie Ups

2.   06:03     Hand Fighting Drill

3.   13:37     Elbow Pass Demo

4.   14:24     Head Snap

5,   16:37     Double Leg Takedown

6.   26:25     High Crotch Takedown

7.   33:38     Low Single Takedown

8.   42:30     Knee Tap Takedown

9.   45:54     Wrap Up