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Mountain Bike Video: Fundamentals




Filmed all around the world, Fundamentals features inside info and unveils the secrets behind how the pros ride so fast, with expert advice and tips from the fastest riders on the planet including Steve Peat, Nathan Rennie, Greg Minnaar and Eric Carter among many others. It will enable you to grasp and improve on the fundamentals of riding, be it on an aggressive XC loop, DH race track or anything in between.
Fundamentals also teaches you how to set up your bike to squeeze the best out of it, from suspension to brakes, gears, cranks and more with the two of the finest mountain bike mechanics out there.
Backed up with a killer soundtrack and footage from international races and the trails, Fundamentals is for all mountain bike riders from beginner to expert. You will learn how to set up your bike perfectly and hone your riding skills to a fine art.
So unless you're already riding elbow-to-elbow with Steve Peat and friends, this really is a must-have mountain bike video...





awesome                           Sergio

pretty easy to follow up.. tks


Excellent for beginners.      Ronan

This vid has lots of excellent tips, from world class pros like Steve Peat. It has excellent bits on suspension setup which is tricky.


Covers it all!                       Fransisco

Great information, a must see for any mountain biker.


meh.... very down hill specific         David

Great video if you want race down hill. You learn a lot technique, but most of it is common sense stuff you pretty much already know. If you want some down hill race tips check it out. If you’re just an “avg. Joe” looking to become a better all around rider, you might be disappointed.


Watch it                             MichaelAdamson

Not geared towards the Xcountry crowd. If you are into ripping terrain up instead of crawling through it, downhill race, or prefer lift served aggressive riding than check this video out and then apply some of the technique next ride.


learn                                   Hector Hugo

its a great tool to star bombing the downhills. Ecxellent school


Good Vid                             Chris

There are some realy good tips in this video for DH, 4X, and DJ. But nothing to much for XC there are alot of stuff need for XC that are not covered in this VId. Other than alot of British accents Its a good all around fundamentals Video


good                                    Agota

nice take it


Fundamentals                     Gary

although some great riding is demonstrated, it is not what i would call fundamentals. a better title would be "very advanced fundamentals".


pretty good                         Kenneth

apart from the fact that you don't have to be a pro to understand what they are talking about.. i personally have learnt a couple of things from this Video, one problem though.. never watch it if you don't intend to ride straight afterwards... you'll want to test out stuff hehe.


Very good tips by top pros!!!            Chriss

Very good tips by top pros!!! and some good ride footage as well. I just got better.


Fundamentals                     Justin

Taught me a lot . I am a better rider after watching it!


Excelent instructions          Serge

The best instructions from the top world mountain riders. Realy enjoble movie with a lot of information for everyone who is in this sport




01:02           Manual Rolls and Bunnyhops

02:48           Skills

03:24           Flat Turns

05:24           Skids

06:59           Cornering and Cutties

08:50           Strength & Fitness

09:46           Switch backs

11:08           Pumping Rhytm

15:08           Direction Changes

16:27           Line Choice in Corners

19:20           Downhill Jumping

21:11           Pumping Trails

24:29           Drop-offs

27:04           Pre-Jumping

28:58           Line Choice at Races

30:53           Confidence

31:56           High Speed Turns

34:18           Roots

37:55           Berms

41:34           Equipment

42:02           Gate Starts

46:01           Mud Tips

47:24           Riding Fast Over Rocks