Mountain Biking Repair

(78 Menit)

Mountain Bike Video: Mountain Bike Repair



Watch how certified mechanic Jeff Dustin shows you step by step how to repair and maintain your mountain bike.

You will save lots of money by doing the costly repairs quickly and easily yourself! Although this program is geared for mountain bikes, it is great for road bikes as well. With over 50 minutes of detailed instructions, this video is a must have for beginner and advanced home mechanics. This program covers bottom bracket, crankset, cables, tires, chain, derailleurs and much more. It even shows you how to do repairs when you are out on a ride. If you purchase the DVD, it is menu driven so you can quickly navigate by using your remote control. Brought to you by Simplicity in Motion Studio in association with




Mountain bike repair                   Lee

Good, clear instruction. Worth watching for the beginner


Easy to follow dvd                        Bucky

This is a great dvd for a newbe or advanced rider a must have for your collection.


Save yourself some money          M Admson

This one is worth buying.


Informative                                   James Atria

This was an informative video and had some neat tricks that even a pro could use. The dialogue was very monotone but the information was good. A nice buy for the do-it-yourselfer.