Bang! Full Force Secrets

Basic Strikes

(40 Menit)




This video includes: proper hand wrapping, basic punches, hooks and uppercuts, body attacks, applying strikes to mitts, uppercuts, body punches, basic hand combos, body combos and body attacks.

Mixed Martial artist Duane "Bang" Ludwig has been a dominant force on the professional fight circuit for years. He's been called "the most fearsome Muay Thai machine" for his stronghold over the North American kickboxing scene. With over 35 professional wins such organizations as American K-1 Max World Grand Prix and "Ring Of Fire," Ludwig, exploded onto K-1's 154-pound limit tournament circuit during its inception year in 2002 and scored four wins in his first six K-1 starts. Ludwig won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) World Junior Middleweight Muay Thai crown in a mega-fight with Thailand's Malapaiet Sitprapom.



1.   00:50     Proper Hand Wrapping

2.   02:23     Basic Punches

3.   06:07     Hooks & Uppercuts

4.   09:01     Body Attacks

5.   11:00     Applying Strikes to Mitts

6.   15:40     Uppercuts

7.   17:41     Body Punches

8.   21:27     Basic Hand Combos

9.   25:48     More Basic Hand Combos

10. 35:29     More Combos With Body Attacks

11. 39:53     Wrap Up