Skateboarding Explained :

The Basics Every Skateboarder Should Know

(24 Menit)

Skateboarding Video: Skateboarding Explained: The Fundamentals Every Skateboarder Should Know






Excellent Video for the beginner             Phill

Clear instruction that you can use straight away. Excellent


A must see for beginners!                        John V.

Very detailed and easy instruction to follow. This is a must see for beginners. My son and I have been skating for a while and we still learned a lot. We are definitely watching the other two sections!







01:51           Street Basics

02:13           Ollie Explained

04:42           Fakie Ollie

05:36           Frontside 180 Ollie

06:40           Backside 180 Ollie

07:45           Backside Half-Cab

08:50           Frontside Half-Cabs

09:54           Switch Ollie

12:24           Nollie

13:17           Fakie Backside Shove-It

15:17           Ramp Basics

16:01           Pumping

17:47           Backside Kickturn

19:05           Frontside Kickturn

20:20           Dropping In

21:02           Rock To Fakie

22:01           Tail Stall

23:00           Backside Axle Stall