Skateboarding Explained :

The Fundamentals Every Skateboarder Should Know

(20 Menit)

Skateboarding Video: Skateboarding Explained: The Fundamentals Every Skateboarder Should Know




Lake Owen is known worldwide as one of the best camps to go if you want to learn how to, or improve at, skateboarding. Now they have teamed up with their top instructor, and Mentality Pro, Dan MacFarlane to bring you "Skateboarding Explained". Dan has taught thousands of people how to skateboard and all of the tricks that are covered in this video are broken down and explained in the same way that has proved to help his students learn at camp. If you are new to skateboarding, or if you have been skateboarding for years and just want to get better, this is the video for you!

In this DVD, learn what Every Skateboarder Should Know about:

Getting Used to the Tail;
Backside 180 Kickturn;
Frontside 180 Kickturn;
Tick Tack;
Pushing Switch;
Fakie Backside 180 Kickturn;
Fakie Frontside Kickturn;
Getting Used to the Nose;
Frontside 180 Nose Kickturn;
Backside 180 Kickturn; and
The 8 Fundamental Principles of riding a skateboard





Excellent Video for the beginner             Phill

Clear instruction that you can use straight away. Excellent


A must see for beginners!                        John V.

Very detailed and easy instruction to follow. This is a must see for beginners. My son and I have been skating for a while and we still learned a lot. We are definitely watching the other two sections!