Real World Combat Stand Up Techniques Vol 4

(16 Menit)




This is the first time that anyone outside the top secret U.S. Spec Op fighting units overseas has ever been able to know these "short-cut" fighting secrets even exist! This is a martial art DREAM simple PURE fighting skills that let you dominate anyone of any size or experience. Real World Combat goes beyond mere martial arts techniques. The unique understanding of the "human animal's instinctive reaction patterns" sets this system apart from any other on the planet. You will gain an acute understanding of the body's reaction to combat stress and be taught to survive utilizing the physical tools that will remain effective during the critical "fight or flight" autonomic response.


Glen Boodry With an extensive list of credentials from multiple martial art Black Belts through an incredible career with US Military Special Forces Units, Boodry is one of the US Government's top "Classified" counter-terrorism specialists. He reveals here the amazing quick-learn fighting secrets that he utilizes in the field personally and is hired out to train combat operatives around the globe.


00:03 Head & Hair Manipulations

07:24 Choking Techniques

08:46 Guillotine Choke

10:19 Rear Choke

11:54 School Boy Choke

13:01 T-Shirt Collar Choke