Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe, Vol. 1

(49 Menit)

Surf Video: Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe, Vol. 1



The Ocean, You & Your Board - Surfer Joe hosts fifty information-packed minutes, clearly illustrated with technical animation and beautiful ocean and surfing footage; filmed in 16mm and Super 8 at favorite surfing spots from Malibu to Indonesia.

THE OCEAN - your relationship with the ocean, the origin of waves and surf science - with Sean Collins (surfline.com)

YOU - surfing fitness, wetsuits and body gear - with Mary Setterhom (Surf Academy), Hunter Joslin (Indo Board), Sam George (Surfer Magazine) and Scott Daley (Body Glove)

YOUR BOARD - surfboards, surfboard mechanics and accessories - with John Leininger (Becker Surfboards) and Mary Setterholm.

...you'll own the lineup in no time...Learning to Surf with SJ successfully covers the essentials for the beginning surfer. –Surfing  

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Excellent for theory only Luis

Is a very easy to follow video for learning the theory of surfing.