Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe, Vol. 2

(44 Menit)

Surf Video: Learning to Surf with Surfer Joe, Vol. 1



Get Out, Get Up & Go! - Jump on your board, get wet and join Surfer Joe and his surfing gurus for 45 minutes of practical surfing instruction in the surf and on the waves.

GET OUT - efficient paddling strokes, techniques to maneuver your board and get through the surf - with Indo Board's Hunter Joslin and former champion and Surf Academy director, Mary Setterholm.

GET UP - the pop-up, surfing stance and positions to control the speed and direction of your board - with the iconic John Leininger of Becker Surf.

GO! - riding white water waves, catching unbroken waves, taking off at an angle and tips to predicting surf and surfing technique - with waterman and lifeguard Jeff Kramer and John Leininger.






Learning to surf with surfer Joe, vol 2                Gerald

I am a beginning surfer and found the teaching - verbal and visual aids to be very useful/helpful.


Very Usefull                                                          David

some good tips, i have been surfing for a couple of months and found this very usefull.


Useful Info                                                            Tim

Good info about predicting where to go and how waves are formed.