Combat Executions

For Real Life Learn Martial Arts 

(51 Menit)



Tae Kwon Do expert Kee Young Choi teaches some invaluable self defense lessons on this easy-to-follow instructional program.


Self Defense at it's finest! This is not your ordinary self defense video. For the first time ever you will witness demonstrations performed by one of the world's finest Tae Kwon Do grand masters Kee Young Choi and his students.




06:38           Stretching and Warming Up

12:16           Kicking Routines

14:21           Target Drills

18:38           Push Ups

21:20           Punch Routines

22:01           Offense Routines

24:36           Kee-Young Choi Kicking Routines

25:58           Kicking Demonstration

26:42           Defense Routines

28:10           Board Breaking

31:30           Defensive Attacks

36:40           Weapons Routine

36:44           Ssangjulbon (Nunchakus)

37:04           Jangbong (Long Stick)

40:53           Ki Demonstrations (Inner Energy)

42:38           Board Breaking With Ssangjulbong (Nunchakus)

43:20           Board Slicing With Sword

44:18           Jangbong Demonstration (Long Stick)

44:48           Meditation