Revolution of Kicking 1

(47 Menit)


When you grasp this DVD set, you are already TKD master! Now MOOTO reveals the know-how of Taekwondo kicking. As all kind of martial art, we learn from the simplest and basic movement. At this point, kicking is the most important movement to be a master of Taekwondo. The easy explanation with classified kicking can be a model of your training!!!


Kang, Shin Chul President of Korea Taekwondo Masters Society


Vol.1 -Front kick, Round house kick, Side kick, Back kick, Spinning kick, Pushing kick



00:27 Front Kick


05:17 Kick and Retrieve

05:54 Front Kick With Hopping

06:22 Consecutive Kicking With Both Feet

06:58 Front Kick Putting The Weight On The Front

07:27 Kick Between Mitts

08:40 Round House Kick


14:01 Turning the Waist and Supporting Foot

14:33 Lie Down and Kick Using the Lower Leg Only

15:08 Instant Kick

16:00 Kick Between Mitts

16:39 Fast Kick

17:41 Side Kick


21:06 Lie Down and Practice

21:43 Hold a Chair and Practice

22:25 Low-Mid-High Level Practice

23:32 Back Kick


30:06 Back Kick, Holding a Chair

30:46 Fast Kick

31:29 Exercises For Counter Kick

32:50 Follow-up Kick

33:48 Half moon Kick / Spinning Kick


39:04 Mitt Kick

39:40 In Side Spinning Kick and Out Side, Successive

40:33 Pushing Kick


43:31 Kick Over Some Obstacle

44:13 Kick Two Targets

44:45 Weight-Loaded Push Kick

45:28 Professional Push Kick