Revolution of Kicking 2

(36 Menit)


When you grasp this DVD set, you are already TKD master! Now MOOTO reveals the know-how of Taekwondo kicking. As all kind of martial art, we learn from the simplest and basic movement. At this point, kicking is the most important movement to be a master of Taekwondo. The easy explanation with classified kicking can be a model of your training!!!


Kang, Shin Chul President of Korea Taekwondo Masters Society


Vol.2-Axe kick, Front spinning kick, Back spinning kick, Jumping kick, Jumping round house kick, Jumping side kick


Perhatian : Bahasa Pengantar Korea !!!


04:25 Axe Kick

10:41 Front Spinning Kick

14:57 Back Spinning Kick

23:55 Jumping Kick

27:57 Jumping Round House Kick

31:44 Jumping Side Kick