Sang H Kim - Complete Taekwondo Kicking

(60 Menit)


The Complete Kicking DVD contains the complete system of taekwondo kicks from beginner to black belt and beyond. Each kick is explained in detail then demonstrated on a target, against a partner and with varied footwork. This DVD is an excellent resource for students of all styles who want to expand their kicking repertoire. You get all of the kicks taught on both the Kicking Fundamentals and Black Belt Kicking videos indexed in an easy to use format. Jump right to the set of kicks you want to work on without fast forwarding or rewinding.

Over 40 kicks taught including front kick, side kick, roundhouse kick, raising kick, ax kick, inside crescent kick, outside crescent kick, jumping kicks,spinning kicks, hopping kicks, double kicks, triple kicks and jumping spinning kicks.




David Tran ††††††††† Essential for Kickers


This DVD is truly a must have. The interactive screens allow you to jump directly to the kick that you want to see, and the number of kicks that are presented is amazing. No other video on the market has the detailed descriptions or the number of kicks in a single DVD. KIM Sang H. has done a wonderful job. Keep up the good work.


 Enrique Chon †††† A good Traininig for beginners


This dvd is very easy to understand, all the techniques are really easy to practice, I practice Tae Kwon Do at the University and Iíve found this stuff good for beginners, it goes from the simple kick through the most powerful and awesome kick.
Although there are several techniques to perform it's still a good material to learn...


Ronald S††††††††††††† helpful,


Well, there is no substitute for a good teacher in martial arts, however, this is a useful dvd in so far as the techniques are well demonstrated and adequately explained. If you already know the basics of either karate or taekwando you will reap the benefit, but it is difficult to teach yourself. But I use the kicks to help me stay on top of what I know and to expand my knowledge. What was of particular interest to me were the triple kick combinations at the end. Quite interesting, especially if you are interested in competition fighting.
I notice one defect in taekwando - not enought blocking or hand techniques. But hey don't get hit with one of those high kicks - cause then its ko time!


Mark Quinn††††††††††††††††† Fantastic quantity and quality


If you can only afford to buy one kicking instructional DVD, get this one. Sang H. Kim works progressively from the very basics (front kick, roundhouse kick) to combination kicking, jumping kicks, spinning kicks and multiple kicks with the same leg, which I've never seen my instructor teach. What I love about this DVD is that I can use it to learn and get pointers on some of the intermediate kids while my son, who is a black belt, learned a whole bunch of new jumping kicks that he couldn't wait to show off to his black belt friends. A nice bonus is the way the menu is set up - you can chose the kick you want to learn or practice and go right to it rather than trying to fast forward or rewind to find things. It's a small detail but saves lots of time and frustration when you're working out and don't want to waste time fiddling with your remote control.




00:59 ††††††††† Front Kick

03:41 ††††††††† Roundhouse Kick

06:12 ††††††††† Side Kick

08:13 ††††††††† Raising Kick

10:09 ††††††††† Outside Crescent Kick

12:33 ††††††††† Inside Crescent Kick

15:04 ††††††††† Ax Kick

17:25 ††††††††† Whip Kick

20:11 ††††††††† Back Kick

23:10 ††††††††† Turn Kick

25:56 ††††††††† Spinwhip Kick

28:14 ††††††††† Twist Kick

30:16 ††††††††† Hop Front Kick

32:05 ††††††††† Hop roundhouse Kick

33:53 ††††††††† Hop Side Kick

35:44 ††††††††† Hop Ax Kick

37:19 ††††††††† Hop Whip Kick

38:51 ††††††††† Jump Front Kick

40:34 ††††††††† Jump Back Kick

42:19 ††††††††† Jump Back Kick 2

45:03 ††††††††† Double Kick 1

46:12 ††††††††† Double Kick 2

46:43 ††††††††† Triple Kick

47:50 ††††††††† One Leg Double Kick 1

49:21 ††††††††† One Leg Double Kick 2

50:47 ††††††††† One Leg Double Kick 3

52:07 ††††††††† One Leg Double Kick 4

53:32 ††††††††† One Leg Triple Kick

54:51 ††††††††† Jump Turn Kick

56:31 ††††††††† Spin Kicks