Li Jing Wushu and Tai Chi: Yang 10 Movement and Self Defense

(44 menit)




International Champion Li Jing introduces he basic beginnings of Yang style Tai Chi and will teach you the first 10 movements of this graceful martial art and discover imopressive self-defense applications

Li Jing has 20 years of Chinese martial art experience. Her Accomplishments include being a professional athlete for the Beijing Wushu Team (The top professional Chinese Team in China), Wushu hero since 1995, the hightest title for Wushu atlente and over 30 times Junior and Senior China National Champion (hand forms, weapons, fighting sets), 4 time NASKA women's grand champion as well as the 1999 International American Tai Chi Champion.

Li Jing is also one of the top ranked six female Wushu athletes in China. Competing annually in the World Games, she won 15 gold medals in various events including straight sword, fangzi quan and open forms.






02:03           Basics

03:08           Horse Stances

04:27           Opening

05:27           Wave Arms

07:14           Brush Knees

07:47           Bo Stance

11:08           Part Wild Horse's Mane

14:25           Wave Hand Like Clouds

18:39           Stand On One Leg

21:36           Kick with Heel

24:00           Grasp Peacock's Tail

28:07           Cross Hand

28:49           Close Form

30:51           The Form

35:33           Self Defense Applications