Master Wong : Tai Chi Combat Vol 1- Part 2

 (52  Menit)



This part details each section of the Yang Style 24 form. Master Wong will show you how to move, and assimilate the necessary Yang movements into the physical and mental aspects of your body.

Both Chen and Yang forms are inclusive within this training system. Master Wong has brought these unique and incredible skills of combat in their true form to you, making this rare and historically exclusive skill available to learn. Tai Chi Combat will teach you how to utilize the principles of Master Wong's Tai Chi training in both of these forms, showing you how to use your entire body to absorb, control and devastate your opponent internally.






1.   00:47     Part 1

2.   07:30     Part 2

3.   14:40     Part 3

4.   22:14     Part 4

5.   27:49     Part 5

6.   31:52     Part 6

7.   36:46     Part 7

8.   41:50     Part 8