Nick Bollettieri: Building Points & Tactics

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Hit winners instead of errors, and stop giving away points to your opponent! Let Nick Bollettieri teach you his four stage process of building points and using tactical combinations based on your strengths and style of play. With an understanding of the rules of percentage shot selection, you'll learn the concept of building points toward your desired outcome.


Building Points and Tactics goes deeper into tennis strategy and builds on the foundation taught in Shot Selection and Court Positioning. This video explores the process of building points and using tactics to maximize effectiveness against different playing styles. Bollettieri teaches:

how to establish a match mentality to build points,
how to organize and understand each part of the game,
the four phases of building a point, and
how to work with tactical combinations based on strengths and style of play.

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01:19 Match Mentality

02:11 Mentality Traps

06:07 What is "Building Points" ?

07:14 Basic Point Structure

14:05 Length of a Point

14:26 The "Will to Build"

15:24 Don't fear the opponent's winners

17:45 "Your Style of Play"

20:01 Strategic Options

20:23 "Serve" Options

21:59 "Return" Options

23:31 "Rally" Options

25:47 "Opportunity" Options

28:09 "Finish" Options

30:13 Tactical Combinations